Ruiz Zafón: “We’re going to a process of cultural deforestation”

By   January 11, 2015

Ruiz Zafon Ruiz Zafón: go to a process of cultural deforestation

The writer  Carlos Ruiz Zafón  think we’re going to “a cultural deforestation” and that the culture industry is in danger, not only for the individual or family piracy, “which is the parrot chocolate, but by big media companies that are those that feed this situation. ”

Ruiz Zafón (Barcelona, ​​1946), the Spanish author sells more books in the world, including ” The Shadow of the Wind “, the first of tetralogy with which has become an international phenomenon, says the situation is” serious and difficult “because large companies encourage and create new media and digital media to plunder.

“If we load the content, we’ll have to feed the past, which is all that is free of copyright,” he says.

The writer is involved this afternoon at the National Library with a conference with the symbolic title “A visit to the cemetery of forgotten books” in conversation with San Juan Vila, to mark the third anniversary of the National Library.

An appointment with readers in the “sanctuary” of books that the author means “a lot” because “readers complete the work, give all sense of reality and without them there would narrative,” although he also wanted make clear that readers and taste do not determine their work.

“His views do not affect me because if taken into account, such as a compass, nullify the creative process,” he says.

The writer currently lives equally between Los Angeles and Barcelona, ​​the setting and character of his tetralogy “The Shadow of the Wind”, “The game of the Angel” and “The Prisoner of Heaven”, a triangle soon be extended to the ring with the expected volume point to put an end to this project which began in 2001 and, as acknowledged by the author, will be ready by 2013.

Zafón, passionate reader, lover of bookstores, a subject that a lot of their creative work, has told a group of reporters before the meeting with readers-a melee will repeat this weekend Fair Book- if I had to choose a book like pandemonium pdf, “very difficult”, you would with any of the greats like Dickens, Dostoevsky or Tolstoy.

Also the writer said about the eBook, and commented that the paper book will always exist and coexist with the digital.

“To read fiction gives me the same format, but to read history, I read a lot, I prefer paper for their indices, illustrations and all that; but I like touching a piece of paper to a piece of plastic, although I must say that the most important is the content, not the media. ”

“I hope the new technologies evolve better for digital reading a pleasure,” he underlined.

As to whether new technologies can change the process of creation, as Mario Vargas Llosa believes, Zafón thinks not.

“In the last fifteen years I have not seen that has been altered creation process. On the contrary, I think it is enriched with other formats; moreover, Twitter and Facebook have their days, they disappear and other new forms appear, “the author has opined.

Madrid, May 30 (EFE)

Ventura Forest Machines participates in Fima 2010 with a broad sample of their catalog

By   January 11, 2015
Ventura Forest Machines, SL shown in this edition of the show various product lines from their vast catalog of machinery. Visitors to the stand will learn first hand from the TFVH grinder or alive milling and asphalt RPF / FPRD rock to hammer crushers TFVMF and TFVMFD, Wood chipper for tractor-Terminator, firewood processor Power 100, or forestry tractor hydraulic chippers and shredders professionals Timberwolf.

One of the machines posing in Fima 2010 is the crusher model TFVH for excavators large tonnage machines. They can crush trunks up to 280 mm diameter. It is ideal for all types of forests, garden waste and pruning.

It has a compact and robust chassis and wear resistant steel plate. This model consists of a variable displacement hydraulic motor piston, V-belt drive toothed SPBX type 360 ​​hammers floating rotor electronically balanced, forged and treated great hardness and duration hammers. They wear resistant steel skids with height adjustment.

Forestry Shredder for large tonnage bulldozers.

TFVMF hammer crushers and TFVMFD

The TFVMFD is a forest Crusher useful for clearing of undergrowth hammers, opening forest paths, training and maintenance of firewall and crushing and annihilation of areas burned for reforestation and for the rehabilitation of uncultivated land, maintenance electric and telephone in large urban areas and for crushing plants pruning parks, among other applications lines. This Crusher leaves on the ground very fine material that can be used as organic compost for agricultural or landscaping use.

Leaves on the ground very fine material that can be used as organic compost for agricultural or landscaping use.

Rotary models live rock and asphalt RPF / FPRD

This machine can crush stones, rocks, bushes, etc., up to 300 mm deep. The cut is made between ax and the counter is hydraulically adjustable.

In the case of rocks and fixed and depth to 150 mm stones is essential creeper gears in the tractor.

Short milling stones, rocks, shrubs, etc.

Wood chipper for tractor-Terminator

This chipper is designed for midsize businesses with tractors from 10-220 hp. This professional model is characterized by robustness and performance, which makes it a high production machine. Your input surface (76 x 42) and its low power requirement (from 120 hp) allow optimum results with a minimum requirement means. Chipping quality is perfect due to the perfectly arranged on the rotor blades. They are interchangeable and are very well located relative to the drum.

It is available in several versions: WT10 DLK, WT9 DLK XL, XL DLK WT8 and WT 7 DLK, WR 10Z, WT 9 XL, XL 8 WT, WT and WT 7Z 7.

The smallest model is ideal pair associations or cooperatives with tractors from 80-150 hp. It is easy to handle without too many knives (8 units) for minimal maintenance.

Drum technology enables high chip quality work and a very soft, as a result of their staggered blades.

Drum Wood Chipper – Terminator 7.

Firewood Processor Power 100

Efficient, productive and reliable, this firewood processor is designed for professional use for processing big trees. The Power 100 model comes fitted with an automatic high-speed valve for cylinder division. Its high speed motor provides more speed for small trees and added force for big trees. Optimi method and the high-speed valve automatically permit rapid division operation. The belts of the Power 100 are equipped with an automatic tensioning. Keep the straps with the correct tension greatly increases the lifespan of these and the entire transmission. Lubricated SVI ball bearings for life in all levers allow a reliable and durable precise handling of the machine, and a broader service intervals.

Optimize the path length increases the rate of division, Optimi is a patented method for optimizing path length division, limiting the stroke of the cylinder according to the length of the trunk processing method.The entire circuit is used to process logs 55 cm long. If the length of the trunk is 30 cm, then the path of the cylinder is reduced to about half, and the speed of division theoretically doubles.

Forestry tractor hydraulic

Ventura machines disclosed models FTX 90-L, 100-L FTX, FTX FTX 140 and 275 in 2010. Fima construidsa are extremely versatile machines to clear and a variety of other applications, equipped with a powerful hydraulic circuit. The FTX 140-L can be used by the most popular type implements the stump cutters, forest staples, mulchers, processors, etc ….

It has a standard protective door, front and rear light. Allows easy removal of the protective screen, easy access to engine, has steel strings hardness and durability, with a rear hydraulic winch equipment or staple and balances easily detached.

Forestry tractor hydrostatic model FTX 100-L.

Chippers and shredders professionals Timberwolf

Ventura Forest Machines will release chippers Timberwolf British firm providing a uniform chip size with a variety of powertrains quality to suit different needs.

Within the range can be trailer mounted hydraulic chippers with caterpillar traction, chippers and shredders gravity fed.